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About Manhattan Personal Training

Stacy Papakostas, owner of Gemini Adventure Fitness, took an interest in fitness in her early childhood where she proved to be very active in sports. She began training as early as 16 years of age, showing other students in her high school gym proper form and various exercise routines.

Stacy She decided to take on fitness as a profession over 8 years ago obtaining her NASM certification as well as her E.C.I.T.S. certification and training clients in Miami as well as New York City. She is a senior trainer at the prestigious New York Health & Racquet Club, celebrity trainer, and also owns NYC Adventure Boot Camp. Her certifications include Functional Body Weight Training, Sport Specific Exercise, Boxing/Kickboxing, and Pre-Natal and Post-Pregnancy Exercise Technique.

Stacy is committed to a lifetime of continuing education in the field of health and wellness. Her unique approach gives women the edge on self-defense techniques in addition to weight loss coaching and nutrition counseling.

The foundation of Stacy’s practice as a fitness professional is built on encouraging positive thinking to boost self-esteem and a healthy body image. Her energetic and creative approach makes every session fun and effective.

Stacy has recruited many dynamic and talented trainers to be part of her team and they all have one common goal, to help the client improve their quality of life. Gemini Adventure Fitness seeks to instill the importance of fitness and health within the client and cannot emphasize enough on how fundamental it is in achieving success in other aspects of ones life.

We want to help people get in better shape, not only physically but mentally and emotionally, a cause and effect situation. When the individual improves their health and fitness there is a domino effect with improvement in other areas of life. We aim to provide our clients with fitness routines that are fun, challenging, and exciting that allow for maximum results. Gemini Adventure Fitness offers high quality fitness programs in a comfortable and encouraging environment.

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