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Boot camp NYC is for anyone interested in jump-starting an exercise program or taking an existing program to the next level. The concept of boot camps scares some people, because they think they'll be forced to exercise until collapsing with exhaustion. The truth is boot camps offer customized exercise programs based on your current physical condition.


Once your physical condition has been assessed, you then participate in a class with others on your level. Even in mixed level classes, the instructor can customize the intensity to meet your fitness needs. The great aspect of this approach is you can concentrate on your program and not worry about whether you can keep up with others who are more advanced. Together, your group motivates each other to excel as each person strives to reach their personal goals.

Some people actually stay away from fitness centers, because they feel as if they're competing with body builders. With boot camp NYC, the instructor knows you are looking for total body fitness and will do everything in his or her power to keep you focused on your own strengths and abilities. You'll have an instructor who "yells" motivating encouragement.

Boot camp NYC has programs that are composed of a variety of exercises, games and activities. There are no two sessions alike. The classes are usually run 3 to 5 times a week for 5 to 6 weeks depending on the program you choose. The first set of classes are designed to give you a jump start on your fitness goals which may include losing weight, improving aerobic capacity or breaking out of a plateau.

In your program, you'll first concentrate on improving any weak areas you may have in your current conditioning. Quickly, you'll move into a program that strengthens the overall body. It's incredible how much stronger you'll be at the end of 4 weeks of training compared to when you started.

Typically boot camp NYC has training sessions which cover the whole gamut of exercises. You never know exactly what to expect when you show up for class. Each class begins and ends with effective warm-up and cool-down exercises. In between are quick, high rep exercises that push your body.

Exercises in fitness boot camps include using hand weights and mats. You will do lunges, weight training, stair running, push-ups, crunches, interval training, triceps work, relay games and many other kinds of interesting exercises that have proven to be the most effective. ]

But you do have to realize it's called "boot camp" for a reason. That reason is you will push your body to extremes at your conditioning level. In other words, you won't be asked to do anything that's dangerous or could cause injury. You will be expected to take your body to the limit through sincere effort.

Boot camp NYC offers a real chance to finally achieve the fitness level you know you're capable of reaching. You'll get into the best shape you've ever been. After the initial camp, you can move into a regular long-term fitness program that builds on your boot camp achievements.

If you want to be stronger and faster and reach an endurance level that proves fitness has no age limits, then boot camp NYC is the perfect choice.