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Boxing in Manhattan

As a total-body workout, boxing in Manhattan is a great choice, because it works the lower extremities as well as the upper body. When looking for a workout that will provide maximum results it is important to find an exercise that works as many areas of the body as possible. This makes boxing a prime candidate, because it can help you reach your ultimate goal of better health and fitness.


Boxing Sculpting

The legs receive a great workout during boxing exercises, as does the rest of the body. Legs are worked most while shuffling the feet back and forth and left and right while the upper body remains facing the same direction. These movements target different parts of the leg and are useful for sculpting the defined muscles in that area of the body.

Aside from the legs, the hip and waist also receive an intense workout while boxing. The muscles in this region do most of their movement when the legs shift direction. This causes the waist to rotate and works the muscles surrounding the pelvis.

A more intense form of boxing in Manhattan that puts more emphasis on the lower body is kickboxing. While kickboxing still works the upper body through its series of punches, its array of kicks put more pressure on the legs and hips than regular boxing does. This is a perfect exercise for those who need to focus on leg strength while still working the entire body as well.

A boxing in Manhattan training exercise program often uses a combination of regular boxing and kickboxing moves. You can jab and swing and uppercut, while intermittently kicking. You can't get a much better all-around workout.

Aside from the array of punches thrown in boxing, kickboxing also uses several different types of kicks that each focus on a different area of the lower-body. These kicks include the roundhouse kick, the front kick and the side kick among several others. With this arsenal of kicks and punches you can see how any kind of boxing can work nearly every muscle in the human body all in one routine.

The Perfect Match

Boxing in Manhattan is also a great method for controlling stress, as well as helping with other attributes such as balance, control, and coordination. It also causes the heart rate to increase, thus working the cardiovascular system along with toning the muscles. Drawing from many different forms of martial arts, boxing is also encouraged as a form of self-defense training for people of all ages.

As you can see, boxing works the lower body just as hard as it does the upper body. This can be intensified by adding kickboxing to your regular boxing workout regiment. In all, your legs and waist will be in healthy shape after a good boxing in Manhattan workout.