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Diabetes: Preventing A Life-Altering Disease
With Exercise & Nutrition Help From
Fitness Trainers in Manhattan

Fitness trainers in Manhattan have found that many people still mistakenly think that diabetes is an entirely hereditary disease. Recent increases in the incidence of diabetes and in the incidences of the disease in young people show otherwise, however. Type 2 diabetes has steadily been on the rise across all age groups and the rise has been directly correlated to inactivity and poor nutrition.

Here at Gemini Fitness we are big on the three C's- COMMITMENT, CONTROL & CONSISTENCY! Make the first step and Commit and we will gladly guide you through the rest. Whatever your health and fitness concerns are, we are confident that we can help you achieve your goals! If you are interested in speaking with a personal trainer, please sign up for a free consultation. We can discuss your goals and see if we are a good match. What are you waiting for?

Diabetes—The Stats

Fitness trainers in Manhattan agree - recent statistics concerning type 2 diabetes are alarming. If it seems like everyone you know knows one or more people with diabetes that is because it is very likely true. Statistics show that around seven percent of the U.S. population has diabetes…but not all of them know it. An even higher number of people have pre-diabetes, a precursor condition just steps away from full onset diabetes.

Some sobering statistics on diabetes and pre-diabetes:

These numbers continue to rise as well. However, simple lifestyle changes can do a lot to prevent diabetes, even in those people who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Fitness trainers in Manhattan can help you learn what kinds of changes will prevent diabetes, and for those with diabetes they can teach you how to make living with diabetes easier.

Diabetes—What A Difference A Lifestyle Makes

Poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle—two factors that have been more and more prevalent in society—are significant contributors to diabetes. By just improving diet and starting a regular exercise and fitness program, the likelihood of developing diabetes drops dramatically. Enlisting the help of fitness trainers in Manhattan may make this easier for you. For many people, again even people with pre-diabetes, a good fitness program can prevent diabetes onset entirely.

Fitness trainers in Manhattan would like you to know some important things about diabetes prevention and exercise:

Diabetes is a disease that can very often be prevented entirely by changing the way you eat and live. Better nutrition and even a moderate fitness routine can keep you from falling victim to one of the leading chronic diseases, a disease that causes numerous complications and results in death due to exacerbated heart and organ disease. Fitness trainers in Manhattan would like you to make changes for the good now, and live long without the burden of this growing disease.

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