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Looking for a workout that will strengthen your mind & body while burning about 800 calories per hour? If so, Stacy's fitness boxing camp is the workout for you!

BOX YOUR WAY TO A BETTER BODY! In fitness boxing you will engage yourself in a cardio routine with the experience of learning martial arts. Training routines for fitness boxers differ little from those of the amateur and professional boxers; Rope jumping, weightlifting, cardiovascular exercise, sparring (practice fighting), and self defense techniques are amongst the tools you will use to get you in the best shape of your life.

Predominitely known as a sporting martial art, fitness boxing has fastly become one of the best cardio workouts. Fitness boxing tones your abs, legs, and arms while burning calories as well as boosting your metabolism. This empowering workout will not only get you in the best shape but will provide you with self defense techniques.

You will learn techniques like the Roundhouse Kick and The Side Kick, using equipment such as hit pads and working with heavy bags. These techniques will work your hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. Throw in repetitive punches, some alternating hand strikes, and you have yourself a total body workout that will make you feel strong all over.

So if you are ready for a kick ... body, then fitness boxing is the routine for you.

Boxing Camp

4 Week Camp of Boxing at $349 - Register Now!

Boxing Camp

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All Levels Welcome!

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Can't find a time or location that suits you? Have a group that you want to share a private, custom tailored Boxing class with... No problem, we will bring boxing to you! You get the group together (minimun of 6) and let us know what days, times and location you would like your class to take place and leave the rest to us. We will work with your group to design a plan that works for you!