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Manhattan Boxing

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Manhattan boxing is a great way to get your arms and upper body in shape. While the legs, waist, and cardiovascular system all benefit heavily from this form of exercise, the arms and shoulders get the benefits of the trademark movements of boxing. When taken into account that boxing works the triceps and back constantly, you can see that this is a great way to work the entire upper body.


Upper Body Power

The triceps are the muscles in the back of the arm that are responsible for extending the arm, as opposed to the biceps which bend the arm at the elbow. Manhattan boxing works the triceps when a jab is thrown by extending the arm forward in a punching motion. As the triceps become stronger, you can throw jabs quicker and with more power behind them.

The back and shoulders also receive extensive muscle training from the motions involved in Manhattan boxing. The dipping motion associated with an uppercut is caused by the contractions of muscles in the back while the muscles in the shoulder swing the arm upward. The back also gets some benefits of the workout when the waist turns, though it is not near as much benefit as compared to the benefits received during uppercut moves.

In fact, the uppercut movement is often included in traditional floor exercise movements simply because of the tremendous muscle toning benefits to the back, arms and waist. When you participate in a Manhattan boxing exercise program under the guidance of a personal trainer, you are insured of getting the maximum benefits possible.

The shoulders are also exercised by the same jab that works the triceps. As the arm goes forward, the shoulders contract and are raised upward, thus working several muscles in that area and at the base of the neck. Just like the triceps, a stronger shoulder results in a quicker and more powerful jab.

One-Two Benefits of Boxing

Other muscles in the upper body that are worked during boxing are around the mid-section. The same rotations in hip movement that work the back also work the abdomen muscles and muscles in the sides, though this is indirectly. These muscles dont get the same work the rest of the body does. Still, this is yet another area of the body improved through Manhattan boxing.

In addition, the chest receives intensive training through boxing. Any time during a boxing punch that you bring the arms from the side to the front you can expect the pectoral muscles to contract. Throwing a punch across the body will also contract these muscles.

As you can see, Manhattan boxing provides an incredible workout for a majority of the upper body. While other areas also receive extensive work, the top half of the body is one of the focal points of the boxing exercises. Working so many muscles at once can really help you reach your goal in a more timely manner.