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Manhattan Boxing

While it is no surprise that Manhattan boxing can be great exercise for your muscular system, it can also be quite helpful for your cardiovascular system as well. Manhattan boxing is quite different from your usual cardiovascular workouts, which include running, swimming and other endurance exercises. However, boxing requires a great amount of cardiovascular endurance, and as an exercise, can increase the amount of activity your heart can take.


Dancing Around the Issue

Cardio-boxing, as it is commonly called, is the preferred method of Manhattan boxing for getting maximum cardiovascular results. This exercise involves throwing quick jabs and punches while shuffling the feet to the left, right, front and back to simulate a boxing match. This exercise provides maximum results by working both the upper and lower body extremities at the same time.

It is very important to monitor the heart rate while doing a cardio-boxing exercise. During this workout, you should try to reach a level of between fifty to seventy percent of your max heart rate for about twenty minutes. Once you become comfortable working out at this cardiovascular level, you can start working at about eighty percent of your max heart rate. A personal trainer can help you reach your Manhattan boxing goals through the design of safe exercise programs with increasing intensity.

There are several different types of boxing punches that you use in cardio-boxing. It is important to use as many of these punches as possible in order to work as many different areas of the body as possible. These punches include jabs, straights, hooks and uppercuts as the main arm motions. As you learn the moves, you'll feel the power and excitement of muscle toning and cardiovascular health.

Cardio-boxing is done in short burst over a longer period of time in order to focus on intensity levels over the average time spent exercising. Each rapid boxing burst is followed by a period of rest equal to that of the burst. For example, a ten second spurt would be followed by a ten second rest and so on over a period of about twenty minutes. This is called interval training and has been proven to be one of the most effective exercise routines you can master.

A Mental Workout

Cardio-boxing is not just exercise for your arms, legs, and heart. Balance, agility, and coordination are all enhanced by this physical training technique. It also enhances mental health by building confidence and discipline while working the body physically.

If you want to get the most out of a single routine, then cardio-boxing just might be the exercise program you have been looking for as a means for total body improvement. Manhattan boxing is a full-body workout in one simple to learn, yet complex movement, exercise and also enhances other important attributes as well. It is a true way to get the absolute most out of your regular workout routine.