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Manhattan Functional Training

Manhattan Functional training is exercise designed to help you with everyday life activities. The exercise programs evolved from rehabilitation practices, designed to help people recovering from injury transition back to their normal lives, but is now used to maintain muscle flexibility and strength. Most of these exercises focus on the core muscle groups around the abs and lower back which affect the ability of the muscle to move.


Back to Work

Manhattan Functional training is usually a customized training program which enables people to return to their specific lifestyle. For example, functional training for a warehouse worker used to heavy lifting would involve lots of weight training, while the regimen for an office worker would involve more moderate forms of exercise. While the exercises might not exactly mimic the activities of everyday life, they do help prevent further injury on the job by using the same muscles that would be used during the activity.

Even if you are not injured or recovering from injury, Manhattan Functional training can still help you through muscle movement restrictions. Training can improve your joint stability, enhance your muscular balance, and help prevent injury in the home or out in public. Also, being in shape simply makes the toils of everyday life that much easier to deal with on a routine basis.

Competitive Advantage

Many athletes use sport specific functional training to prepare physically for competition as well as everyday life. Exercises for these athletes usually involve a mix of strength training and endurance conditioning that lead to better performance on the field. This training also prepares them for the rigors of modern sporting events by giving them more than enough physical tools to use to their advantage.

Manhattan Functional training has several key elements that can lead to a successful transition back into the real world of athletics. The exercises must be balanced, sport specific, progressive, periodical and individualized in order to ensure a healthy transition into the reality of the athletic events. If one element is missing it could jeopardize the success of your training and make it harder to transfer the ability back into real life.

Functional and Balanced

It should also be noted that bodybuilding is not a good form of functional training by itself, even for athletes involved in contests of strength. Without good endurance training along with balance and coordination, performance could suffer despite being able to lift objects deemed to heavy by others. A balanced, integrated workout is the best way to get the most out of functional training.

Functional training provides a way for everyone to get in shape. Whether youre a world class athlete or just another person trying to make life a little bit easier, anyone can profit from this workout. This type of training is suitable for all ages too, from young to senior citizens.

The best way to insure your exercise program targets Manhattan Functional training is by working with a certified personal trainer. A trainer will customize a fitness program that targets the muscles requiring additional functionality or rehabilitation.