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Manhattan Personal Training Success Stories

Check Out What Our Client Have To Say About Us!

"Words cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am to have
met Stacy..."


Having Stacy come into my life was truly a blessing. Not only do I love what I see in the mirror now, more importantly I love the way I feel inside. After I had my son I felt that I would never be able to wear little dresses or fitted clothing again because my body had made such a transformation for the worse after giving birth. The weight gain really put me in a rut and it wasn't until three years after I had my son that I decided to stop feeling so bad about my appearance and the way I felt inside and actually do something about it. Stacy helped me to get fit and helped motivate me to take the necessary steps get me to a better place, physically and mentally.

Stacy has always been an inspiration during our training sessions. She is passionate about what she does and her clients definitely get the benefit of that passion. Stacy encourages you to have specific goals and to re-evaluate them periodically. You always feel like you're working toward something and that "something" is as important to Stacy as it is to you.

I am almost 92 years old. My aim in exercising has been to maintain my ability to continue to walk by myself as I do my ordinary errands around New York. Stacy has been my trainer for almost two years. She has demonstrated professional knowledge in concentrating exactly on specific movements and muscles that will strengthen my body and thus aid me in my purpose. She gives careful thought to my problems so that the exercises I do are precisely what I need personally. She often starts our sessions with a new exercise, which reveals that she gives thought to my particular problems between my sessions with her. When I am working with Stacy I know that I am working with an intelligent person, thoroughly knowledgeable in physical training.

One of my problems was a lack of normal physical balance. Stacy taught me some exercises that have helped my balance more than I would have thought possible.

I am often surprised at Stacy's physical strength. When she does stretching exercises with me, she hardly needs to exerts herself to make me stretch to the very limit of my ability. When she presents me with a movement that I think I cannot do, she is encouraging, she insists that I can do it, and it always turns out that she is right.

Stacy is a very pleasant person so that a session with her is a very pleasant experience.

I am glad to say that in the last two years I have continued my ordinary routine, well able to do the household shopping and errands as I have done for many years. I have absolutely no doubt that the exercising I have done has made it possible for me to continue my activities, and surely Stacy deserves much credit for her wonderful contribution to my physical life. I consider myself fortunate to have her as my trainer and am very happy to recommend her.

If we're lucky, from time-to-time we meet someone who changes our lives - and this person for me is Stacy. I've been training with Stacy for just over a year now and, though I've lost over 15 pounds and am down 4 sizes, I've gained so much more: better energy, increased strength and stamina, a higher self-esteem and muscles I never new existed! Stacy has a unique ability to help me meet my own individual goals while never pushing me beyond my abilities or conforming to a "one size fits all" workout. Working with her has been one of the best experiences I've ever had and our training sessions are truly one of the highlights of my day!

Bootcamp was great! It was a lot of fun to do the circuits in teams. When I told my parents I signed up for bootcamp, my father laughed at me and reminded me that the only time I've ever willingly gotten up at 5am was to go skiing, and even then I always get to sleep in the car on the way to the mountain. I've actually found it pretty easy to get up, bootcamp feels more like fun than work (except for the sore muscles!)

After starting Adventure Boot Camp I do not feel as fatigued as I usually did before beginning the sessions. I go out for long walks now and my husband has to struggle to keep up with me! I actually wake up at 4 am without an alarm ready to go to camp (insane, I know, who would of thought!) I am truly so proud of how far I've come and I plan to continue with camp until I achieve my goal of being fit and disciplined in working out so you will be tired of seeing me there! Thank you so much for all your help, motivation, and support.

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