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Study confirms the Fountain of Youth

In recent weeks a female Olympic swimmer has been making headlines and she doesn't even hold the fastest time in her events. So what makes her so amazing?

She's swimming with women half her age.

Dara Torres, 41, and is headed to her fifth Olympic games. Oh, and did I mention that she also has a two year old daughter? While other women her age are whining about pregnancy pounds and being ‘over the hill', Dara looks like the 20 year olds she competes with.

What makes her different from other 41 year old moms? "I love to exercise," Dara says. "I love how it makes me feel. I love how it makes me look."

Here's the fountain of youth part:

Because of exercise, Dara's body is actually younger on a molecular level than her out-of-shape counterparts, according to a recent study led by Tim D. Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King's College in London as reported by the Washington Post.

The results were astounding. They found that exercise appears to slow the shriveling of the protective tips on bundles of genes inside cells (called telomeres), which means a slowing of the aging process.

"These data suggest that the act of exercising may actually protect the body against the aging process," said Spector.

Here's the study in a nutshell: What does this mean to you? The fountain of youth is literally at your fingertips!

Add to that the previously proven benefits of exercise (such as a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases) and it's no wonder that exercise lovers look and feel as great as they do.

Do you want to start an exercise program or get back on one?

Whether it's been months, years or even a lifetime since your last workout, remember that it's never too late to start looking and feeling your best.

Call the number above or just reply to this email to set up your first workout.

And while you may not share Dara's passion for swimming, you can share her secret for staying young and looking your best.

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Are you doing dozens of sit ups in the hopes of reducing the size of your stomach? You cannot greatly reduce the size of your midsection by stomach exercises alone. While exercises are great for firming your abdominals, a fat burning workout is the most effective way to lose weight and take off inches.

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